Peru & What Next – Final Change of Plan

By now you know about Peru and Chile not happening and so Galapagos happened and Brazil was supposed to be the next stop after Bolivia. Well, we have another update – Peru Consulate in La Paz, Bolivia accepted the Visa Application and we are going to Peru! FINALLY!

Yes, you read that right. After trying so hard in Colombia and Ecuador, we had given up. But one evening I decided to write to the Consulate in La Paz and they responded positively! The process took over a week, but that allowed us to enjoy the beautiful landscape of Bolivia (posts to come).

Next week we are likely to be in Peru :) As such, Brazil is now off the table. Also, as we spent a lot of money at Galapagos, we cannot afford Europe anymore. Secondly, the Schengen Countries are creating a fuss about the visa too. So we will be heading to U.S. of America after Peru to visit a little life that has arrived in this world and finally end our year long journey with a road trip along the west coast. Can’t wait!

Follow the updated itinerary travel map right here.

Just a note – thanks all for praying for us :)

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