West Coast Road Trip

Finally! After loads of planning and bookings, we were nervously looking forward to kick off the big West Coast Road Trip. After getting familiar with the USA road and rules, especially the right hand drive, on East Road Trip, we were good to go. But that was just the start. We had no idea what we had signed up for. A true adventure awaited us.


But first, how did we get here? Well, with Europe being the original plan, logistics didn’t work out and we were sort of back to square one. Just then Shruti thought out loud – would you mind living on the road? We could do a big road trip in USA.

I have to say, I was a little worried. I wasn’t sure how would we ‘survive’ being on the road for 40 days! Well, now I can say – it turned out blardy brilliant and we in fact extended our campervan booking for extra 5 days. WINNING!

Home & Car – Campervan

Growing up on main stream entertainment, West Coast USA and road trips have been featured way too many times. Some of the examples are right here, including songs! We thought, let’s end the trip on a high note. Let’s do the West Coast Road Trip by living / driving around in a campervan. It was the most budget friendly option – a mode of transport that will get us to places and a ‘roof’ to sleep and cook. Cheapness overloaded.

We looked up few options and finally signed up with Escape Campervans. The graffiti work on the cars blew my mind, actually maybe more of Shruti’s, and we had to get one of those!

We booked one of the smaller vans and got to the shop to pick it up. Turns out, they only had the bigger models available and they were ready to ‘upgrade’ us for free. Well, I was thinking – it isn’t really an upgrade cause I am not confident driving this beast. And that’s how our Starry Fox got it’s name- The Beast.

The Beast, Campervan, USA Road TripWe were amazed at how the van could transform to a nice, comfortable bed! In the morning it could be a spacious ‘living room’, with a table!!!, and at night, a cozy bed. And, it came with a mini kitchen! Portable stove, solar fridge, pots and pans and basic utensils. We were so stoked when we picked it up!

The Beast, Campervan, USA Road Trip

West Coast Road Trip Map

Here is a map with all the places we visited. The Big Sur and ALL National Parks were a highlight. Oh, and not to forget Vegas!!

Driving over 5,500 miles (8,550 kms) in 45 days – What An Epic Road Trip!

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