Getting to Europe

Munich, Germany is 16,318 KM from Sydney, Australia.

We knew it would never be easy getting from A to B and then C, C being our home for the next 3 days.

The Day arrives

We booked a late night light from Sydney to Doha. We worked til 5:30PM before going to the airport. Let’s just say we were knackered. The first leg of the journey flew between sleep, meals and some films. Good thing being the flight was half empty so we go to stretch our legs a bit.

Doha was a nice airport. It wasn’t as crowded as Dubai, though there were a whole bunch of Chinese tours going places like lemmings. The next flight was a little better, we had a lot more energy.

Arriving in Europe

We made it to Europe! 3 years late but hey, we made it!!!! Munich airport appeared tiny(apparently, it’s huge) and I realised my IDP(International Drivers Permit) at home. After a little panic, it appears it’s not a necessity(more to come!)

The airport was crowded with tourists from everywhere and the immigration took an hour. The immigration officers were the young, fit and handsome. A few questions later and we were inside Munich.


We bought a family travel pass on all lines of Munich for 75 Euros for 4  days.

The suburbs of Munich flew past as we went south to Holzkirchen. The signs that it was once a village and not suburbia were obvious as we passed wheat farms along the way. What an interesting train ride. More on this later.

27 hours later, we were in the appartment!