Travel Map

After numerous brainstorming sessions, discussions, arguments, sweat and hugs, we agreed on our travel itinerary outline in the map below. Our initial plan is to cover approx. 20 countries across Asia, Europe and America in 12 months or more.

UPDATE: we are now back at home in Sydney and reminiscing each day of our one year travel.

Read our blog and follow our experiences on the insta gallery. We promise, we will stay away from boring details and will keep you updated of our change in plans.

Change of Plans

UPDATE #1: this travel map was updated in Aug 2015 to accommodate change of plan #1. Nepal was replaced with Sri Lanka.

UPDATE #2: this travel map was updated again in Dec 2015 to accommodate change of plan #2. USA, followed by South America and finally wrapping up in Europe.

UPDATE #3: our travel plans were updated in March 2016 to accommodate change of plan #3. Chile and Peru are no longer happening so Brazil and Galápagos Islands in Ecuador have been added to the list.

UPDATE #4: our final update of this trip. We are finally going to Peru and then heading to U.S.A. to visit a baby and road tripping in west coast.

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